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I am married, Amy, an incredible woman. (Yes, I know what a woman is.) I am the father to four amazing, homeschooled kids. (Yes, they are weird, but aren’t all kids weird?) And I have committed my life to serving Jesus the Messiah. I love traveling with my family, especially visiting national parks, and exploring God’s creation. We live in Lakeland, Florida with our two dogs, Baxter, a Chihuahua, and Bogart an American Staffordshire Terrier. 

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My Story

I am an innovative leader with more than two decades of marketing experience and dedicated to growing brands and strategically driving sustainable growth. My passion is finding creative solutions to the problems that hinder growth and I love seeing companies that align with my values thrive. I have had the privilege of working alongside CEOs, presidents, and elected officials to create and execute the organizational vision and scale businesses and programs. 

I have built marketing departments, creating operational processes from the ground up. My specialty is crafting remote teams, operating as an in-house agency focusing on enhancing all aspects of the customer journey. Through my leadership, organizations have identified operational efficiencies while expanding our digital offerings and digital lead generation opportunities.

I am an agent of change in the organization – always innovating, always leaning forward. Through my strategic planning and campaigns, I have been a driver for new business growth, pioneering new processes that bridge the gap between sales and marketing, and using analytics and team member feedback to pivot quickly and capture the attention of our target audiences.

I am a visionary - I love the big picture, but I also have the leadership and communication skills to implement new processes and ask tough questions that will make the vision a reality. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss your business goals.

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